Assistance, advice, legal advice, and procedural representation

A wide range of services in various professional practice areas, essentially aimed at companies that carry out trade and investment acts in Cuba and foreign individuals.

Among these, we have:

  1. Procedural representation for the accreditation of branches of foreign companies in the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba.
  2. Representation in administrative and notarial procedures.
  3. Representation in lawsuits in arbitration and judicial headquarters.
  4. Legal opinions.
  5. Opinions and preparation of contracts.
  6. Claims for contractual breaches.
  7. Assistance in commercial negotiations.
  8. Writing and presentation of papers.
  9. Specialized mediation or alternative dispute resolution services.


Legal secretary

Our professional practice areas include:

  1. Corporate
  2. Commercial
  3. Financial
  4. Maritime
  5. Fiscal
  6. Insurance
  7. International
  8. Aeronautical
  9. Civil and family.
  10. Criminals
  11. Administrative