About Us

We are a law firm that offers international legal services, attached to the National Organization of Collective Law Offices (ONBC), a leader in Law in Cuba, and an autonomous entity of social interest and professional character, with legal personality and its assets. We are distinguished by professionalism, each lawyer's specialization, technical excellence, ethical behavior, and confidentiality with our clients.


Our services are aimed at foreign companies that carry out or intend to carry out trade and investment acts in Cuba, as well as foreign and Cuban individuals residing abroad. We also assist our national clients in obtaining and legalizing documents to take effect in other countries.


The practice of law in Cuba and the operation of the National Organization of Collective Law Offices, to which the BES is attached, is governed by Decree-Law 81/84 and its Regulations, put into effect by Resolution 142/84 of the Justice Minister. Both legal instruments, along with critical national regulations, can be found on our page.


Yoanny Yanes Méndez
Abogado-Director Lawyer-Director
Pedro Antonio Pérez Pérez
Abogado-Subdirector Lawyer-Vice Principal
Erick Machado Cerver
Abogado Lawyer


First Semester of 2021

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