Zulma Hechavarría Ramírez

Professional practice area: General commercial, foreign investment, and international commercial litigation.

  • She graduated with a Law Degree from the Law School of the University of Havana in 1989.
  • Master / Specialist in Legal advice-Commercial Law Mention.
  • Seminar on International Commercial Law- URIA Menéndez and Philippi, Pietrocarrioza, Ferrero DU Uría, Chamber of Commerce of Cuba and Cuban Court of International Commercial Arbitration
  • Diploma in Banking Law and International Finance- BARNA Management Scoll-Banco Central de Cuba and University of Havana
  • International Bar Association Diploma on Corporate Structures, International Associations, 2017-2016
  • Diploma in International Business Law- University of Havana
  • Specialist in the Legal Advice University of Havana- mercantile mention

From 1989 to 2012, she worked in a national Law Firm in Havana. She has been working in BES since 2012. He has advised foreign companies in business, international contracting, corporate matters, and foreign investment. Companies from practically all continents and broad areas such as corporate, banking, financial, tax, tourism, intellectual property, aeronautics, cruise ships, and the accreditation of Branches of foreign companies in Cuba. She has represented foreign companies in resolving international disputes before courts and Arbitration Courts in payment claims and claims for compensation for damages, compliance, and execution of contracts, nullity of award issued in ICC, corporate conflicts, liquidation of Joint Ventures, among others. Expert lawyer in international commercial litigation and foreign investment.

She is a member of the Cuban Society of Procedural Law. Participant as a tutor and part of the Technical Committee in the MOOTs held in Cuba on International Commercial Arbitration and Investment Arbitration. Awards for the Best Claim Memorial, Best Counter-Memorial, and Winning Team. Tutor, opponent, and member of courts in undergraduate thesis and state test in Option to the Degree of Law Degree, of students of the University of Havana Law School. Collaboration in pre-professional practices Faculty of Law, University of Havana. Participation in national and international Congresses of Commerce and Law. Collaboration and internships with international law firms. A jury of Thesis in Option to the Title of Master in Commercial Law. A jury of Thesis in Option to the Title of Specialist in Legal Advice. He is fluent in Spanish-native language and English. Participant in several publications, among which are: ¨The Company and the businessman in Cuba¨ book-guide / Collective of Authors. Ediciones ONBC, c2000, ¨ Study on the possibility and feasibility of implementing the Suspension of the Payments process in Cuba¨.