Tamara González Martín

Professional practice area: All areas related to Commercial and Corporate Law.

  • Graduated in Law from the Law School of the University of Havana in 1992.
  • Master in Commercial and Financial Law from the University of Barcelona, ​​2001.
  • Master in Company Law analyzed from the perspective of Commercial, Civil, Tax, Labor, Criminal, Accounting, and Auditing Law, from the University of Barcelona, ​​Spain, 2005.
  • Diploma in Foreign Trade, from the Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Cuba, 2010
  • Diploma from IBA, International Bar Association (Level I), 2017.

She has been working in the firm since 1999. She is currently a local lawyer for several foreign multinationals with activities in Cuba. Her professional practice is focusing on advising foreign companies, emphasizing the processes of negotiation and execution of contracts, especially in the preparation, drafting, and negotiation of agreements, as well as in the practice of opinions in both Spanish and English languages.

She advises clients in out-of-court headquarters for breaches of agreements and, in matters of conflict resolution, has represented clients in processes related to contractual breaches, mainly on debt claims and executions, both in arbitration and judicial proceedings. Also, it offers the service of obtaining and legalizing documents to take effect abroad.

She has participated in numerous national and international events, postgraduate courses and recently attended the XII Uría School, Chile 2019, and invited to the IBA Annual Conference, Seoul, 2019. She is a member of the authors of the text ¨Readings for the businessman edited by ONBC 2009.