Lourdes Sahily Moreda Gallardo

Professional practice area: Commercial and General Civil.

  • Graduated from the Law School of the University of Havana in 1991
  • Master in Commercial and Financial Law. The University of Barcelona. Spain in 2001
  • Master in Companies analyzed from the perspective of commercial, civil, tax, labor, criminal, accounting, and auditing law. The University of Barcelona. Spain, the year 2005
  • Master in Stage Direction. University of the Arts. Havana, 2019.
  • Specialist in Copyright and Industrial Property. University of Havana 1997
  • Specialist in Legal Advice. University of Havana 2004

She has worked in the Firm since 1991. Specialized in assisting and representing foreign companies with interests in the Cuban market, she has provided contract negotiation services, legal opinions on specific matters, assistance in financial management and debt renegotiation, legalization and protocolization of documents of various kinds, the legal secretariat of joint ventures, management of files and procedures from their formation to the approval of the business. She has vast experience in litigation before state courts and arbitration.

She has participated in numerous national and international events, diplomas, postgraduate courses, and conferences.